Emilio Porras Alvez

Emilio Porras Alvez was born in the city of Granada (Spain), better known by the pseudonym Rob Hamilton, he is an investor, writer and sports betting specialist with more than 20 years of betting experience, which has made him create a method with a success rate that can reach 90% of won bets if you use his method correctly, as detailed in detail in this book.

He explains step by step how to use his method, and also includes tests of effectiveness by placing his daily bets himself and providing data on his winnings, verifying results on blogabet and through conversations with clients from all over the world who are already using his method and winning a lot. money.

He promises that by using his method you can earn a salary every month with the possibility of being able to make a living from betting.

For any questions about his method and if you need to see proof of his effectiveness, leave his email here: [email protected]