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The biggest fake

  • Auteur: Ignacio Gallo Campos
  • État: Public
  • N° de pages: 115
  • Taille: 108x175
  • Intérieur: Noir et blanc
  • Mise en page: Collé
  • Finition couverture: Brillant
  • ISBN eBook en ePub: 978-84-686-4223-9
    ISBN Finition Souple : 978-84-686-4760-9
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A second is all that we need to change it all. However a meaningful and game changer one might take a full life to happen.

Everything begins by doing a humble trip to our biggest fakes, beliefs and exogenous-induced ideas to finally have a truthful starting point.

​If you are open and ready to go back in time and understand in your own words what is yours and what from others, take a risk a get this inner train to your most forgotten tales.


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