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The Ambassador Juan Ramírez de Lucena, the father of the chessbook writer Lucena.

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  • Auteur: Govert Westerveld
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  • N° de pages: 227
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This is the first bibliography in English of the protonotary Juan Ramírez de Lucena (1430-1504) who was one of the ambassadors of the Catholic monarchs. He was the father of Lucena, the writer of a chess book that was published in Salamanca in 1997. Knowing the biography of the protonotary and his activities in Italy and France in the highest sphere of society it is clear that his son Lucena could take advantage of this, because his father had opened the door in many places. No doubt that during the life of the protonotary Juan Ramírez de Lucena his son visited these places in Italy and France, as Lucena himself confirmed in the chess treaty of 1497.

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