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Estimator's Piping Man-hours Tool

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  • Auteur: Gustavo Cinca
  • État: Public
  • ISBN eBook en ePub: 978-987-86-2697-0
  • Última actualización: 15/06/2020

Estimator's Piping Man-hours Tool (Process Piping, #1)

Estimating Man-hours for Process Piping Projects. Manual of Man-hours, Examples

This publication is a very useful tool for Company owners, Piping Contractors and in general for all the members of an organization who perform tasks related to the estimation of direct man-hours in tenders or price contests, for the control of deviations with respect to the consumption of hours planned during the execution of the Work and also to optimize the budgetary planning and the review of contracts both in the Contractor and in the Client. 

The Book provides solid Technical Support to make a reliable estimate of man-hours consumption in Piping.

The content of the book is the result of the Author's work experience and details a calculation procedure that will help you to accurately estimate the direct labor required for the assembly of process piping on site, including its support for the transmission of loads to the support structures and its protection against corrosion.

A meticulous estimate is essential for the proper functioning of any Company and for the future monitoring of the use of man-hours in the course of the Project, in order to detect and correct deviations.

Estimating man-hours for Process Piping Installations - Man hours Manual for Piping Contractors, Examples

The author of this Manual, has an expertise of more than 40 years in his professional work as Head of Work, Project Manager and finally as president of a Company of Constructions and Industrial Assemblies in different plants of Chemical Processes, Refineries, Pipelines, Gas Compressors and Thermal Power plants, exercising the direction of the works and the control of the resources used for their execution, particularly in the case of installation of piping. This Manual that gives the Reader is the fruit of that Technical Expertise.

Tables for calculating manpower in Piping

The direct man-hours indicated in the 14 (fourteen) tables of this Manual have been verified by the author during the Piping assemblies of the different installations.

Examples of calculating Piping Installations

In the Manual, the author presents complete calculation examples of Piping installations, based on the man-hours indicated by the tables to later apply the corrections or adjustments needed for each Project.

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