Submitting a Winning Bid

Submitting a Winning Bid.

Guide to Making Construction Bidding with Examples.

An industrial construction and assembly company is sustained over time when it executes profitable each work or service that is awarded to it.

When the awarded work or service has its origin in a faulty offer, it is unlikely that the venture will become profitable.

In order to start a lucrative business, it is essential that the bidder submits a correctly evaluated offer in each bidding process or competition involving.

In the book Submitting a Winning Bid defines the steps to follow to achieve a reliable bid.

This manuscript is of particular interest to owners, shareholders and coordinators of tenders in construction and industrial assembly contractors or subcontractors, and in general to all members of organizations that carry out tasks related to the formulation of proposals or bids in tenders or price competitions.

The content of the book applies to all types of quotations, i.e. civil constructions, electromechanical assemblies, sales of inspection services, turnkey projects, etc.

Submitting a Winning Bid. Guidelines to improve the accuracy of your offer with Examples.

The submission of offers with prices far from the market average undermines the commercial relationship of the proposer with the client. When the bidder presents a budget that is too low and has the misfortune of being awarded the work, he will inexorably have to deal with negative financial results since the expenses will exceed the income.

On the other hand, if the bid has a very high value compared to the competition's proposals, it will probably be out of the price competition. This situation, although less burdensome than the previous one, has an adverse effect on your assets due to the increase in general expenses.

The conclusion is that when quoting, each step must be carefully analyzed in order to submit a reliable bid.

Submitting a Winning Bid.

The purpose of presenting a Winning Bid is to give the reader a complete and valuable guide to support them when budgeting.

This manuscript details the main aspects to be considered in each of the stages of the elaboration of a proposal in order to achieve the desired reliable budget.

In order to quote, it is necessary to have your own experience in construction and industrial assembly and to use emotional intelligence to reconcile criteria with other colleagues or specialists in order to deepen the knowledge about what is being quoted.

Guidelines to Making Construction Bidding with Examples.

This guide is based on the author's outstanding experience.

The author of this book, worked during a large part of his professional life as a manager and construction director, on site, in different chemical process plants, refineries, gas pipelines, compression plants and thermal power plants in the country and abroad, finally managing to found and preside over a construction and assembly company.

Throughout his career, the author has prepared and reviewed hundreds of estimates for bids for the refurbishment of industrial plants and new installations.

Decide to implement the suggestions made in this publication and your economic proposals will surely be more precise.

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