Countless theories were elevated to the corners of the knowledge of the most brilliant thinkers throughout history. All of them began their ascent through the light of an idea that was not let go, of a book in hands, of a moment of pause dominated by the inspiration that stops reading. These theories born from typical questions such as: "What is our origin?", have provided the most diverse answers: perhaps it was the Big Bang, perhaps it was extraterrestrials, a god, ourselves.

In The Circle of the Universe, Pablo José Morales Mazzaoui takes up some of these theories and develops new ideas with his well-placed perception of the infinity of the Universe. These ideas, own and borrowed from the most notable authors, shine like stars throughout his work, and allow us to peek at a possible answer about the origin of the human being.

Rear Admiral Pablo José Morales Mazzaoui, was born on June 11, 1969, in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1991 he graduated as an officer of the Navy, and Bachelor of Science and Naval Arts, Electronics mention, held the positions inherent to his career and at the same time he carried out continuous scientific research work, being the recipient of several awards, in 2011 he graduated as Magister Scientiarum in Naval Strategy, has held different positions in the Research and Development area, is married to Natalie Guarache Fermín and has two (02) daughters Maria Paula and Maria Valentina.

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