Animal Reiki: A comprehensive course for the treatment of animals with Reiki energy

"Animal Reiki: A Comprehensive Course for the Treatment of Animals with Reiki Energy" is a book that will open your heart and mind to the profound connection between animals and Reiki. Whether you're a pet owner, an animal lover, or a Reiki practitioner, this book is a valuable resource that combines theory, practical techniques, and heartfelt stories that showcase the transformative power of Reiki in the lives of animals. Get ready to embark on a journey of healing and deepening your bond with the animal kingdom.

Part One: General Elements of Reiki.

You'll discover the fundamental elements of Reiki, its meaning, and how it works. The levels of Reiki and the principles that guide its practice. Additionally, you'll learn about the aura, chakras, and the history of Reiki. This section provides a solid foundation for understanding the healing power of Reiki energy.

Part Two: Reiki for Animals and Pets.

It focuses specifically on applying Reiki to animals and pets. You'll learn about the unique bond we share with our animal companions and how energy plays a vital role in their well-being. The chakras in animals, with a specific focus on dogs, cats, and horses. You'll find practical guidance on preparing for an Animal Reiki session and discover how to conduct a complete Animal Reiki session for various animals, including small pets and even non-domesticated or wild animals.

Advanced Topics and Establishing Your Practice: In the final section this book delves into advanced topics such as distance healing and telepathy with animals. The concept of reincarnation in animals, and valuable insights into preparing for the Animal Reiki attunement. Moreover, if you're passionate about becoming an Animal Reiki therapist, the author offers guidance on establishing your own Animal Reiki practice.

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