Jade Eyes I: Syntyma

What if one day you discovered that your entire life is based on a lie?

It's late when Taris-sin decides to end her reading. She closes the pages of the book and leaves it aside on a table dedicated to such purpose. An idea has been fluttering in her head for hours—the strong conviction that she must do something to prevent her father from marrying her against her wishes.
She has to escape.
The deadline is approaching, and there are many preparations she must face if she truly intends to avoid that terrible outcome that will shape the rest of her life. She won't allow her youth and inexperience to be obstacles to the adventures she eagerly anticipates, far from the exotic content that fills her books. Neither will her condition as a half-elf in a human world restrain her desires for freedom.
"What will I need? Clothes, food, water, a horse, money…" Taris-sin plans, her jade eyes shining with enthusiasm.

Little does the young woman imagine how much lies have been part of her existence, nor the dark legacy that hangs over her…

In the northern lands, on the other side of the vast continent of Aekhan, a young ranger goes out to explore, yet another day, the snow-white forests surrounding his home.
Intoxicated by the exhilarating sensations that those wild territories provide, he is unaware that from a very different place, his name has been spoken and marked for death.

Syntyma is the first of the three volumes that make up the epic fantasy novel Jade Eyes.

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  • Ilustrador: Alexia Jorqués
  • Auteur: F. J. Sanz
  • État: En vente chez Bubok
  • Dernière actualisation: 11/02/2024
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