Legacy of Shadows

Three heirs of a blood as dark as it is cursed struggle to survive their fateful destiny. Power, peace, and glory are all that each one desires in their heart. Three ideals for which they are willing to risk their own lives.


Even from cold embers, the flame can be reborn…


The fires of war still burn in the reconquered plaza of Aeral. There are no bodies to bury. The resurgence of magic has made the corpses of both armies disappear. The enemy, demonic forces that once took possession of the citadel, has fallen. However, political rivalries have erupted within the different factions of the victorious side.


And yet, one city remains to be rebuilt.


With the end of the conflict, three young heroes have decided to take control of their lives. Kieve, a promising mage of strong character and granddaughter of the deceased hykar chieftain, pours her efforts into studying the arcane arts. Her ability to weave the Fabric could prove decisive in what is about to happen. Her twin brother Kylan, a ranger at heart, goes to reunite with his former companion Ysara, a daring thief whom he met during his time in the Kingdom of the Dead. Tarani, Chosen of the god Alaethar, crosses the continent of Aekhan, ready to embark on the most ambitious of adventures, beyond human borders.


Will the dark heritage that the three share resurface to thwart their desires?


Legacy of Shadows resumes the plot of the renowned epic fantasy saga Jade Eyes.

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  • Auteur: F. J. Sanz
  • État: En vente chez Bubok
  • Dernière actualisation: 15/02/2024
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