Life at Two Times

The book "Life at Two Times" seeks to place the reader in today's reality with adversities such as the COVID-19 pandemic or any other unexpected event, providing practical tools to start generating concrete changes in people's live, with the purpose of adapting and leaving strengthened, experiencing a true personal transformation.

The book consists of 20 chapters that include the understanding of the current context, the interpretation of the human being in all its dimensions to discover his personal purpose in life, the exploration of behavioral roots and the restatement of his own profile to become a more tolerant and social person, working for the necessary variables to handle the change in an adequate way.

Likewise, in the last chapters of the book practical tools are presented to face the conjunctural or structural challenges in life through ventures, even economically.

The book offers a practical guide through established exercises or challenges at the end of each chapter in order to generate the necessary changes through the reader's experience.

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  • Auteur: Heizan Semprun
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  • Dernière actualisation: 10/08/2020
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