The power of Fohat and the last covenant is a guide that will help you find the truth with respect to your relationship with God, the world and the cosmos. It is a spiritual search towards eternity, which will take you by rising spirals towards a Christian or Buddha awareness, which will be your platform to open channels of perception, vision and hearing in the mastery of your being. This spiritual work takes place personally with your inner god, are initiations offered by the cosmos in the aquarium era for those who through their perseverance, love and effort to find the truth, they deserve to perceive the extensor lines of the Fohat, for Its alignment with the Divinity or the Creator Spirit. I invite you to interpret the riddle (to the backup of the cover), if you solve it, it will be a pleasure to get a self-set special edition book.

Fohat - Eternity - Truth - Consciousness - Initiation, Ascension, Spirit.

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Détails du produit:
  • Auteur: Adriana Penagos Ruiz
  • État: En vente chez Bubok
  • N° de pages: 270
  • Taille: 150x210
  • Intérieur: Noir et blanc
  • Mise en page: Collé
  • Finition couverture: Mat
  • Dernière actualisation: 22/02/2022
  • ISBN Finition Souple: 978-958-49-2700-2
    ISBN eBook en .mobi: 978-958-49-2701-9
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