Olivia: A Mystery Novel

Desmond Reed, a university teacher, is a difficult person, that is true, he stole his best friend’s girlfriend and married her just to drop her after she discovered she was infertile and became “kind of annoying”, and then got one of his students pregnant in no time, but even someone like him doesn’t deserve to get home and find his little daughter horribly murdered.

This way, he ends up hiring his former best friend in order to find out who committed such horrible action… but things are not always what they seem, and the investigations might end up revealing soul-shaking secrets from their past.

A criminal mystery that will have you at the edge of your seat as you wonder what everyone else is wondering:

Who is behind Olivia’s death?

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Détails du produit:
  • Auteur: David Jurok, Hampstead Heath Books HHB, Camila Cárdenas, María José Vieda, Laura Beltrán, María Gabriela Riveros, Isa Lewis, Natalia Orozco, Sofia Beltrán, Camila Nieto, Valentina Flechas, Sara Casas, Juanita Coral, Emma Ruiz, Sara Castrillón, Camila Ramírez, Sara Romero, Camila Fierro, Sarah Muñoz, Valentina Maquilón, Luciana Tello
  • État: En vente chez Bubok
  • N° de pages: 133
  • Taille: 150x210
  • Intérieur: Noir et blanc
  • Mise en page: Collé
  • Finition couverture: Mat
  • Dernière actualisation: 18/10/2023
  • ISBN Finition Souple: 978-958-49-3519-9
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