Sometimes trying to know where you really are is a duty that needs attention, effort and COURAGE. Courage to assume that you are alive or how you are living in a life that you do not want to live at all in the way you are living it and you have no idea what to do.

Maybe you are fine with your life and just want to read to make yourself grow, excellent idea, welcome.

You may know perfectly what is happening, but you are looking the other way just to distract yourself.

You may know perfectly what is happening, but you didn't even have the idea to take action to reverse that situation because it is comfortable for you.

Or maybe the fear (we'll see of what) to any possible change is paralyzing you and you don't know which way to go.

First, I wrote a dozen books to get in tune in many subjects that make up some part of each one's life. The same does not happen to all of us, but the same happens to many.

And I wrote all those books, first to give you my love and my certainty of being able to reach an empowered and happy life.

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