Plants are organic beings that live and grow, but have no motor capacity (that is, they cannot move from one place to another on a voluntary basis). Plants such as vegetables and trees are part of this group, which is studied by botany.

Medicinal, on the other hand, is that which belongs to or relates to medicine. This concept, which comes from Latin medicine, is linked to the science that allows the prevention and cure of human diseases. Medicine is also a synonym for medication (the substance that prevents, relieves or cures diseases or their consequences).

They are available to everyone and are powerful home remedies to cure, relieve and prevent all kinds of health disorders.

Usually these types of plants do not need special care, but they can give you many benefits. Vegetables and herbs that you will only have to buy once. Here are some examples of plants and herbs that are even easy to grow in your home.

 "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food" Hippocrates

Before consuming any type of plant, it is essential to consult an expert or connoisseur. Especially pregnant women, people with high blood pressure or heart disease should take extra care.

If you are taking any medication prescribed by a doctor, it should never be left to be replaced by an herb without first consulting the prescriber, as mixing some herbs with traditional drugs can be harmful and very dangerous.

Medicinal plants, therefore, are those that can be used in the treatment of a condition. The parts or extracts of these plants are used in infusions, ointments, creams, tablets, capsules or other formats.

It must be said that numerous are the plants that, by their properties and characteristics, have become called medicinal plants since they contribute to improve the health of a person.

Industrial and natural antidepressants should not be mixed either. If you are already taking a chemical to combat depression, you should not add the herb to the treatment in order to feel better.

Keep in mind that plants should be purchased from a place where they guarantee that the herbs have been planted without pesticides.

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