The nutritional science of teas



¿What if you could improve your health just by drinking teas and infusions?

¿Do you currently drink tea?

¿Would you like to improve your health?

¿Do you know which teas or infusions can help you lose weight?

¿Have you had teas or infusions that did not work?

¿How many times have you searched for useful and reliable information about teas and infusions?


I also looked for reliable information about the benefits of tea consumption but did not find what I was looking for. So, after studying the Master of Science in Nutrition, I decided to gather useful information from human research and write it down simply in a book.


This book has practical and reliable information. It is smaller than other books, but easier to read and consult.


"Drinking a cup of green tea, a day lowers bad cholesterol levels in the blood" This information was proven with clinical trials in humans. In a few months after drinking green tea, you will be a healthier person.


¿Do you want to know other teas and infusions and their benefits?


In addition, I wrote other books that could help you improve your health.

You can write me a message by WhatsApp +527771095835.


¡¡¡Be happy!!!

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