The first trip of the blue balloon

The blue balloon was only 5 days old, he had no name and no friends, as he knew no one but his owner, his house and the park downtown, where his owner, the balloon vendor, took him to sell him every day.

The blue balloon didn't know any other places because he had never traveled. But then one day, the blue balloon happened to detach itself from the balloon vendor's hands and flew aimlessly through the city sky.

After a certain time flying disorderly, he got stuck in an air current (wind), it was then that he met someone very attentive, who gave him a name and became his first friend, after reassuring him of his fears, by telling him some of his adventures and experiences of his life. After this long conversation, now calm, the blue balloon continued its journey.

To find out the full story, and who this friend is who gave the blue balloon its name, read the book!

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  • Auteur: Joaquim Carlos Lourenço
  • État: En vente chez Bubok
  • N° de pages: 40
  • Dernière actualisation: 23/08/2023
  • ISBN eBook en ePub: 9798486177460
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