Kaxak: the girl protector of the forest and animals

Kaxak is an enchanted girl who is invisible most of the time, she lives in the forest, and is its protector, no one ever sees her, because, she is camouflaged among the trees.

One day, she had to appear to save the forest that was on fire, due to a fire pit that a hunter made to warm himself, but by carelessness let sparks spread through the forest, burning the vegetation and scaring the animals.

While the hunter put out the fire, he saw a girl who was doing the same, when the fire ceased, then curious he went towards her, to know who it was, however, she disappeared, and he went home, after saving the forest with his help. Was curious to know the whole story? Read the book!

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Détails du produit:
  • Auteur: Joaquim Carlos Lourenço
  • État: En vente chez Bubok
  • N° de pages: 40
  • Dernière actualisation: 04/03/2023
  • ISBN eBook en ePub: 9798489993531
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