The guide includes a downloadable Power BI file so you can work and experiment with the code.

This comprehensive guide is intended for a quick resolution of the most common cases that can be encountered when performing a modeling from scratch in POWER BI. Through its use, it is intended to stop investing numerous hours in development and poorly written (non-optimized) code that generates serious bugs. The result of this guide is a knowledge base that guides us to find the DAX code we need or to generate it by ourselves.

In it you will find the resolution of the same case from different perspectives applying the different FUNCTIONS AND COMBINATIONS BETWEEN THEM so that you can find the best one that fits the need of the project.

As you consult this guide, you will learn: 

- Use and combine FUNCTIONS in DAX Language.

- Create code using a cleaner syntax.

- Acquire an agile development style.

If you want to go deeper into DAX programming, this guide will help you write code cleanly and optimally.

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