Upon concluding our journey in this temporary world, every human being is destined to live eternally, but this destiny seems lost amidst a bustling world that surprises us day by day with its rapid advancements in science and technology. It appears that we have all the elements we need to live a happy life and witness our children's happiness, but we realize that we inhabit a world engulfed in grave problems that bring us sadness and disappointment, problems that have been caused by humankind itself. The eternity that awaits us has been forgotten because we don't know where they come from or where they're going. Blinded by our selfishness, ambition, and loss of values, we have created immense inequality and dehumanization, where poverty, pain, and suffering increasingly harm more people, and we live in fear and dread. We, ourselves, are also the main agents of change, with eternity awaiting us, and our actions in the midst of the struggle between good and evil which will determine the kind of eternity we will attain. We only have two options: the first leads us to live a joyful eternity, beginning by recognizing that we are children of an eternal and loving Father who asks us to live this life in a community of love; or the other eternity, which is the eternity of punishment when we harm and trample upon the dignity of our fellow human beings, a dignity with which we have all been clothed because we come from our Creator.

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