The Chronicles of the Leyendario: Heraldo, the legend of the Chosen One

Max, a young Erudite, has the task of restoring his world after freeing Lord Andalexus, an evil and powerful being who caused a great war and now, free again, will try to resume his plans to conquer the world of Diano. Max's task will be to capture the "attributes" -small vessels with singular powers that will help him to stop him- and that in turn will help him to confront the "Arcane", the powerful and ancient beings that will be in charge of judging him to determine if he is Leyendario the authentic Chosen One. He will face powerful enemies who will try to stop him and he will count on allies who will join him in his journey to reestablish freedom, hope and peace in all of Diano.

Will Max manage to stop Lord Andalexus' plans and warn the other regions of his return?

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  • Auteur: Alejandro M. Ledesma Herrera
  • État: En vente chez Bubok
  • N° de pages: 491
  • Taille: 152x228
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  • Mise en page: Collé
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  • Dernière actualisation: 23/08/2023
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