The Big Miscalculations Made by NASA

According to NASA, the maximum speed that a Nuclear Fusion Spacecraft can reach without refueling and maintaining its almost constant mass is about 26,800 Km/S, however, more recent evaluations say that this speed is only about 1,200 Km/S, that is, about 22 times smaller. In this document three very approximate mathematical formulas will be analyzed, the first formula is the one currently used by NASA which seems to be a misinterpretation of Special Relativity, the second formula is the correct interpretation that Albert Einstein would have made and the third formula includes a modification made by José Gregorio Guevara Pérez, author of this document, to the Theory of Special Relativity. 

It is also proposed to carry out a practical experiment that you can do at home as long as you have a car in good working order.

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