liberty are born.

Our live nature deserves honor, respect and royalty due that it bring us the opportunity to carry out a never ending of marvelous, spectacular and high dreams based in stories, some complex, other simple but worth, authentic and with that idyllic illusion that can only be obtained through story tales.

Veyota is in a fantasy place, there she can think that nothing is going on, however the memories appear to torment a delicate heart. The bars of the prison called sadness drown us in thoughts and nostalgia; she fights determinedly to rebuild her lonely life by encouraging not only herself but also all her little friends and even those who are not.

An experience can scar our life forever; nevertheless another one can open paths that we could not even think existed: story tales. Story tales, are story tales, but from reality legends, fables, princesses, castles and dragons, isolation or


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  • Auteur: Nayeli Mcmanus
  • État: En vente chez Bubok
  • N° de pages: 72
  • Taille: 229x178
  • Intérieur: Couleur
  • Mise en page: Collé
  • Finition couverture: Brillant
  • Dernière actualisation: 16/04/2024
  • ISBN Finition Souple: 978-607-00-4154-9
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