Patrick Meade Vargas

Becoming the son of my beloved parents, I was born in Oakland, California, in September 1978. A few years later, when they finished their studies, we returned to Mexico, the land they originally came from. There I grew up, made most of my friends, enjoyed my large family, went to college, had my first two jobs . . . and, above all, began my search for what I wanted to do in this life.

The journey has been amazing, full of incredible experiences, surprises, and amazing companions that have walked alongside the path I took. It has not always been easy, though, as unwanted twists, disappointments, and bumpy stretches are all abundant in life. But one thing is certain: I have enjoyed it greatly. After living in Mexico, the USA, Japan, and Poland, I finally settled in Germany, where I live with my wife and my four wonderful kids.

My resume? Family man by profession, engineer by hobby, storyteller by conviction, and father of four for being infinitely lucky, I am delighted to finally be able to share with you the first of many stories I have told my children over the years.