The Life of a Plant Called Eleventh-Hour

In a forest full of trees and animals, a mysterious little plant was born and given the name Eleventh-hour, soon after being seen by a humming-bird, which certainly already knew this category of flowering plant, unlike the other inhabitants of the forest, who, for never having seen one of these, were always curious to know about the life of Eleventh-hour.

The little plant was adored by everyone, who loved her so much that they passed by the place every day to greet her and wish her a good day. She answered the greetings of all her friends, smiling. Eleven o'clock liked to talk to the worm, which was the one who told her all the news from the forest.

Everyone was curious to know the color, the perfume, the texture and the season of the year that the little plant would bloom. From that moment on, when the flowering of Eleventh-hour was about to occur, in order not to miss the exact moment of that event, the plant's best friend organized a group of volunteers to keep a vigil in order to know the day and time of the flowering.

Who will be the little plant's best friend? What will be the day and time that the little plant's flowers bloomed? Who were the animal volunteers chosen to keep vigil? And also why the little plant has the name of Eleven o'clock?

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  • Auteur: Joaquim Carlos Lourenço
  • État: En vente chez Bubok
  • N° de pages: 46
  • Dernière actualisation: 23/08/2023
  • ISBN eBook en ePub:  9798490002147
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