The Phillips Method to Stop Smoking

An easy method, just as efficient, to stop smoking.

With it you will be able to program your brain not only to definitely leave the habit of smoking, but to also reach all of the goals and objectives that you propose on yourself from now on.

It contains a set of techniques and procedures to everyone’s reach, that will teach you to program your brain to leave the habit of smoking in a definitive way.

By reading this book, and the consequent put on practice of its recommendations, not only will you be able to stop smoking, but to also reach all of the goals and objectives that you aim for from now on.

It’s not just a plan to leave the habit of smoking, but it also explains the behaviors, principles and rules that the brain follows, and the way to program it according to your wishes and necessities.

With easy and simples exercises that will help to know you more and better, and to reinforce your self-esteem and self-evaluation.

An enjoyable reading with which aside of learning how to quit smoking, you will spend entertaining moments with jokes, stories and funny anecdotes.

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  • Auteur: Franklin Díaz
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  • Dernière actualisation: 27/12/2023
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