Jade Eyes II: Naamari

Seeking redemption? Confront the darkness that pulses in your chest.

Dyreah feels the temptation to look back, to glance over her shoulder. In the end, she resists and refrains from doing so. She knows that from that cave, from that tomb carved into the rock, no one has escaped. No one but her.
No one else alive.
Suddenly deprived of company, Dyreah embarks on a solitary journey, without fear gripping her chest, nor courage infusing strength into her being.

The Orb of Eternal Light, a key piece in her quest for absolution, weighs like a cold slab in her lap. Now that she has recovered it, she fails to understand what is expected of her. Should she return it to its place of origin? How can she do that if she doesn't know the location of the land of her ancestors?
The fabulous Aeral. Now, a demonic realm.

While making a decision, Dyreah will return home, to the man who throughout her life claimed to be her father; the same man who kept that lie alive for all those years. Terribly distressed and with clouded judgment, the half-elf will take a dark path that will lead her to explore the darkest corners of her soul.

However, it will be a chance encounter that changes her destiny forever.

Naamari is the second of the three volumes that make up the epic fantasy novel Jade Eyes.

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  • Ilustrador: Alexia Jorqués
  • Auteur: F. J. Sanz
  • État: En vente chez Bubok
  • Dernière actualisation: 11/02/2024
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