Jade Eyes III: Kylma

You can run. But you won't escape from what you are.

"No more," the young mage surrenders, exhausted.
She closes the worn tome and rubs her eyes. The absolute dedication to the study of the arcane takes its toll. And she, as stubborn as the tone of her skin is dark, knows no breaks. The path of an Art weaver is arduous; even more so for a half-blood of dark lineage.
Despite the care with which she immerses herself in the ethereal currents that give life to magic, she soon realizes that something is amiss. Strange strands of energy bypass her defensive spells and threaten to reach her.
Prepared to put an end to this intrusion, a voice as familiar as it is unexpected resonates in her head.

On the opposite end of Aekhan, Dyreah's reunion with her former companion has brought more tension than joy for the skeptical half-elf. Suspicion that the newcomer will soon catch, especially in the face of the enigmatic presence of that pale-faced girl with an unsettling gaze, who is so ready to stand between them.
The path that the three of them still have to traverse is uncertain if they intend to successfully achieve their goal.

And during the journey, a lurking evil, the dark legacy that has hung over Dyreah since her birth, awaits its moment to awaken.

Kylma is the last of the three volumes that make up the epic fantasy novel Jade Eyes.

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Détails du produit:
  • Ilustrador: Alexia Jorqués
  • Auteur: F. J. Sanz
  • État: En vente chez Bubok
  • Dernière actualisation: 20/04/2024
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